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Why Donate?

The Southern Nebraska Arts Council (“SNAC”) is seeking donations to keep the Crest Theatre operational. In April 2014, a digital projection system was installed and extensive roof repairs made for a total cost of $103,883.23 . In order to pay for these needed improvements, a $70,000.00 loan was obtained, with the remaining cost covered by past donations. SNAC has sponsored various fundraising events and will continue to do so, but your monetary donations are essential to the success of this project. The next phase in our campaign will be the renovation of the theatre’s auditorium with new seats, lighting and a handicap accessible platform. In addition, handicap accessible bathrooms will be included in this phase as well.

The Crest Theatre opened on Wednesday, October 17, 1951, showing “Painting The Clouds With Sunshine.” The modern decor of the theatre featured thick soft carpets, 700 luxurious seats, mood lighting, beautiful lounge & rest rooms, and temperature controlled adult and kiddie drinking fountains. Other highlights were the Cry Room, Party Viewing Room, a second lobby upstairs available for those from the party room who would like to round out the evening by playing bridge or socializing. The auditorium was complete with beautiful wide lighted aisles and exits, flame proof draperies, and at that time the latest and most modern projection equipment. Two showings nightly, Saturday matinees, and Sunday matinees were shown continuously until evening showtime.

Take a walk down memory lane … remember your birthday parties, first date, all night showings after prom or on New Year’s Eve, or just hanging out with your friends. Your favorite concession item … a Coke or Dr. Pepper freeze, and even a pickle. Superior would not be complete if we were to be without the Crest. We need your help to complete these updates so others will “remember the Crest as we do.”

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Gift of Commodities

Farmers and ranchers can save significant taxes by donating commodities such as grain and livestock to the Southern Nebraska Arts Council (“SNAC”) rather than donating the cash after the sale. SNAC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organized with the intent of rehabilitating the Crest Theatre in Superior, Nebraska. SNAC is hoping to get the theatre thriving like it did back when it first opened, utilizing the funds to restore an important art and entertainment venue for generations to come.

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